What is 360° Photo (Spinset)?

  • 360° Photography is a set of individual images built as a video animation allowing you to visualize a product all around, by rotating it around its vertical axis.
  • The photos (Spinset) are loaded into a rich media viewer to make up the full animation that you see online.

How many images are in a 360° photo (Spinset)?

  • The number of images included in a Spinset varies based on your needs. Through our experience we recommend 24 individual images for a Spinset, and for a 3D Spinset 3 sets of 24 photos each, from 3 different angles, i.e. a total of 72 photos.

What is the difference between photo 360° (Spinset) and photo 360°&3D (3D Spinset)?

  • Photo 360° (Spinset) – In Photo 360° (Spinset) pictures are made on a single plane (axis) around the product. 360° spin photography gives a comprehensive view all the way around a product, seen from all angles, on a single axis.
  • Photo 360°&3D (3D Spinset) – It’s when a product is shot 360° on multiple planes, vertically, this allowing you to show up and over the product.

How many products can you photograph in a day?

  • Each project has its particularities and the number of products we can photograph in the course of one day is subject to a sum of factors (dimensions of the objects, surfaces shine, specific requests, etc.).
  • If you want to learn about the “average productivity” that we can achieve when shooting your products, please contact us (click here)

Can I pull static images out of a Spinset for other uses?

  • Yes, a Spinset is made up of multiple static images that you can use for other needs (static product images for webshop, catalogs, marketing, planograms).
  • Images can be pulled in multiple formats, such as TIFF, PNG, or JPG.

What is the file format used of a Spinset?

  • Spinsets can be exported in a large variety of file types, but the most common is the JPG format. JPG’s offer a smaller file size for faster loading without sacrificing the quality of images on the web. If you anticipate using the images in print we’d suggest you to request images in TIFF format for the maximum print quality. We can provide both formats, as well as others, if necessary.

Does Spinset work on mobile devices?

  • Yes, Spinset and 3D Spinset work on all mobile devices.

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