• Online, a product image that faithfully reproduces reality, has a determining influence on the purchase decision.
  • People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read.
  • Online there is no possibility to interact with the products directly; thus, photos or video files have the power to increase the credibility of your  brand and products.



  • 3D photos can reduce up to 25% product returns. This could mean a huge saving for your business (significant reduction of costs occurring with damaged cargo, transportation, processing of warehouse returns, managing customer relationships, etc.).
  • Customers spend an average of 10 seconds longer on a page where 3D photos are displayed than on a page with classic product photos. This increases the chance of buying and makes your showcase look better than the one displayed by your competitors. But 3D photos also help to index the website in search engines (by causing the user to spend more time on the site).
  • Customers analyse multiple e-shops to purchase a product, but tend to return more often to those that offer 360°/3D photos for products.
  • Rapidity! Today we photograph and also today you can have your photos uploaded on to your website. All thanks to the equipment and technology in use, which helps us photograph and process more products than anyone else across the market.
  • The delivered photos are READY TO PUBLISH, in a well-organized and easy-to-use form for online publication, in physical catalogues or embedded in other visual communication platforms, without the need for photo/video post processing.
  • Reaching the result always involves stability and predictability while maintaining the highest quality standard through the machine controlled shooting process, use of robotic equipment along with the best photo/video equipment and accessories in the industry.
  • Observance of a uniform stylistic and compositional standard. Due to the use of laser-guided product positioning while taking photographs, we can maintain exactly the same angles and visual perspectives for products belonging to the same range. Basically, we guarantee a unified and orderly overview of products on presentation pages (in a webshop, on a “Product List” page, in a catalogue, planogram, etc.).
  • We can save, keep and preserve all the settings and parameters for a product belonging to a particular typology you want to photograph at a later time. For example: Today we deliver 100 sets of shoe photos, and after 3 months you wish to add another 30 products. The 30 new sets of photos will fit perfectly next to those taken in the previous photo session, on the “Product List” page or in an updated product catalog, because we will use the same light settings, angles and perspectives that we used for you at that product category.
  • Flexibility! We can temporarily install the photo laboratory at a shooting location of your own choosing.
  • We help you forever get rid of a an overwhelming headache (shooting newly added products to the range). By doing so, you will be able to devote more time to other profit generating aspects for your business.

PHOTO 360° & 3D


Why 3DHD?

Because we have a professional robotic studio dedicated to 360°&3D product photography.


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